After a journey through three years, twelve countries, and fifty interviews – the goal has been reached!  The book Vino Expressions is ready to read.  It includes thirty-six chapters, a hundred and twenty color photographs, and roams through a world of wines created from sixty different grape varieties.

Each chapter is independent.  You can choose and read chapters randomly.

We’re in the age of digital publishing.  The book is only available electronically.  You can download it onto your computer now, or to your Amazon Kindle Ereader.  As for other Ereaders (Nook, Kobo, etc.), be patient – we’re working on it.  It may take a few weeks before it’s ready on these.  This web log will keep you informed.

For only $4.99 – the cost of a glass of wine – you can slip into an international world of passion, challenge, and colorful characters who tell how and why – despite setbacks and against heavy odds – they chose to do what they love.

The hard work of tracking down and then interviewing dozens of people, editing their stories, and assembling the text and photographs is over…

…and all you have to do now is click and read.

To buy the Vino Expressions – People, Wine, and Loving Work, click on the tab at the top of this web log labeled ‘Buy the Book.’

Not sure if you’re interested? Or would you like a dynamic preview?  Then watch a presentation. Click on the tab above that says ‘Take Tour.’  For best viewing, I suggest you move your cursor to the lower right where it says MORE, then click on both FULLSCREEN and AUTOPLAY.

From the Valais of Switzerland…
…to the vineyards of New Zealand.
From the hangout of an artist in Spain…
Thanks for your interest in Vino Expressions.  Keep watching this web log and let me know about your own travels, tastings, and time spent doing what you enjoy most.
T. Mullen
…to the island lair of a zesty winemaker…
…this journey has been incredible.  Time for good wine, food, and a satisfying read.

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