Kirkus review of vino voices

Kirkus Reviews (“The World’s Toughest Book Critics”) positively reviewed Vino Voices (previously titled Wine and Work) – highlighting how the e-book tackles a diverse international topic.

Excerpts from the review include –

“Mullen keeps the proceedings lively by covering not only lots of ground—New Zealand to Missouri, Washington to the Azores—but also lots of aspects of winemaking, from cooperage to corks, the challenging demands placed on women winemakers, research into screwcaps, the talents of the garagiste, winery architecture. Particularly impressive is a short course on Italian geology that blossoms into an earnest and enlightening dissection of the whole notion of terroir.”

“Included are photographs heavily saturated with atmosphere, the kind you can almost smell before you see them.”

To read the full review, click here!

From the Kirkus Website
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