Here are a few quotes about the beverage we love – by winemakers and wine drinkers.

“Well, in wine you have to let go of the ego. You have to drop all this crap about being a wine maker.”

  • Don Karlsen

“Good wine is a daily necessity for me.”

  • Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to John Jay, the U.S. Foreign Secretary

“All this technology – spinning cones, filters, evaporators – it’s all voodoo.”

  • Leo McCloskey


“Pinotage, again like its bloodline Pinot Noir, is the unpredictable, dangerous ride of your life’s work as a winemaker. It can smell fear on a winemaker at twenty paces.”

  • Bruck Jack, in conversation with author Peter May

“And everywhere I went the world of wine offered me a warm welcome, camaraderie, and more knowledge.”

  • Robert Mondavi

“Like artists and cooks, most winemakers want to hear only compliments.”

  • Alan Tardi

“An individual and his name, at least in comparison with the land and its productive power shaped and directed by nature, is quite simply a great big nothing.”

  • From the brochure for Kogl Winery, Slovenia

“Wine is nothing of luxury, business, or money. Wine has to be something to drink every day. It has to be balanced for health…with the culture, habits, and needs of people.”

  • ‘Cognac’ Charlie Capbern-Gasqueton – Wine Consultant/Store Owner

“You don’t need to have a big business to make a good wine. But when you buy a bottle you’re not just buying wine, you’re also buying the landscape and history behind that wine. You have to look at the bottle in these three dimensions.”

  • Fernando Oliveira – Azorean Lava Vineyards UNESCO Coordinator

“How to make good wine? Get no sleep is a good start. Allow Mother Nature to take its course as opposed to trying to be manipulative.”

  • Tim O’Callaghan – Winemaker in Australia’s Barossa Valley

“I didn’t have any idea what wine was…I was just astounded. Food isn’t wine. Wine is food though.”

  • George Stevenson – Winery Chef in Washington State, U.S.A.

“The ultimate destination of wine is on the table, with food. Serve the same wine with two different dishes and you will have two different opinions of it.”


  • Kermit Lynch

“Grape cultivation is difficult, laborious, and not always rewarding work, dependent on a variety of factors (weather, soil conditions, insects, diseases) that are beyond a vintner’s control. The only certainty is doubt.”

  • Todd Kliman

“It will be obvious to everyone that air has always been considered the enemy of wine and that all the practice of vinification invite us to adopt this point of view.”

  • Louis Pasteur

“All you can do is tend your vines. The money takes care of itself.”

  • Mitchell Klug

“The best of wines always proudly tell you from where they come.”

  • Neal I. Rosenthal

“If you want to succeed, you have to listen to yourself, to your own heart, and you have to have the courage to go your own way.”

  • Robert Mondavi

“Wine, to us, is all about geography, history, sociology, discovery and adventure – as well as good flavors. Don’t be embarrassed about what you don’t know; consider it a gift that you have so many new wines to explore.”

  • Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher

“Wine to me is all about sharing.”

  • Robert Mondavi

“A perfect memory, but with a little bit of sadness.”

  • Xun Wang’s first wine tasting description – of a Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon at Fat Buddha restaurant in Durham, U.K.

“If a vintner chooses not to filter, he limits himself to the minority of wine buyers, the true connoisseurs who care about quality and will accept some gunk at the bottom of the bottle.”

  • Kermit Lynch

“The French, he said, had done a wonderful thing back in the…1930s. They had passed laws protecting small farmers and wine makers from the predations of large companies. They had created appellations before the rise of the modern corporation, Madison Avenue, and cutting-edge marketing. It was why Château Lafite could exist today.”

  • Lawrence Osborne

“In wine, elegance is everything. But elegance is impossible to describe.”

  • Lawrence Osborne

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