1. Overview.

Lake Garda in northern Italy is the country’s largest lake, a glacial carved beautiful locale popular for visitors, water sports, food and wine.

Below are courses of a lunch that was hosted by the Garda DOC Consortium, which coordinates marketing for this appellation that covers a diverse range of regions.

Southern shore of Lake Garda, northern Italy
Allies in the wine world near and on Lake Garda, northern Italy

2. Forbes Articles and Tastings.

Five new articles published today:

For wine tasting notes in the above articles on Evaluating Lake Garda white wines, this graphic summarizes wines evaluated for value, using my proprietary Vino Value Algorithm.

– 100 Point System
Price EurosValue Evaluation
Valdo Garda. Brut Sparkling Wine. Garda DOC.90.0€ 6.00Good Value♫
Santa Sofia. Croara del Lago Bianco. Garda DOC. 2022.89.8€ 13.00 
Santa Sofia. Le Calderare. Pinot Grigio. Garda DOC. 2023.90.5€ 10.00Good Value♫
Ricchi. Meridiano Chardonnay. Garda DOC. 2023.92.0€ 9.50Excellent Value♫♫
Aziendo Agricola Pratello. Donna Caterina. Metodo Classico Brut. Garda DOC.94.0€ 22.00Excellent Value♫♫
Novapalma. Maĩa. Extra Dry. Blanc de Blancs. Garda DOC.92.5€ 6.00Superlative Value ♫♫♫
Cantine di Verona. Cantina Colli Morenici. Spumante Metodo Classico. Garda DOC.93.5€ 8.00Superlative Value ♫♫♫
Sartori di Verona. Pinot Grigio. Garda DOC. 2023.90.5€ 8.50Good Value♫
Averoldi Francesco. Octavius. Brut.90.0€ 5.00Good Value♫
Cantina Gozzi. Rugiada. Vino Spumante. Garda DOC.92.0€ 8.00Excellent Value♫♫
Cantina Delibori. Villabella. Pinot Grigio. 2023.90.0€ 12.00 
Cantina Bottenago. Bottinus. Extra Brut Millesimato. Metodo Classico. Garda DOC.93.0€ 15.00Superlative Value ♫♫♫
Baroldi Diego. Extra Brut Metodo Classico. Garda DOC.90.5€ 14.00Reasonable PQ ratio
Zenato. Azienda Agricola Santa Cristina. Chardonnay. Garda DOC. 2023.90.0€ 10.40Reasonable PQ ratio
Vino Value Evaluation Summary for Garda DOC wines
Soave, though inland, is part of Garda DOC

3. Lunch.

Along Lake Garda at Villa San Vigilio.


Persico crocante in scapece, peperone rosso ‘Cornetto’ confit e spuma di burrata.

Crispy perch in marinated fish dil, confit ‘cornetto’ with red pepper and burrata foam.


Azienda Agricola Perla del Garda. Cuvée Extra Brut. DOC Spumante Metodo Classico. 2018.

Lake Garda fish & sparkling wine

Primo Piatto.

Spaghettino tiepido con crema ai limoni del Garda, olio all’erba cipollina, uova di trota e la sua bottarga.

Warm spaghetti with Garda lemon cream, chive oil, trout eggs and dried tuna.


Ricchi. Meridiano. Charonnay. Garda DOC. 2023.

Spaghetti & Chardonnay

Secondi Piatto.

Filetto di vitello farcito con rosa camuna, filange di peperoni cornetto confit al timo patate duchessa e zucchine grigliate.

Veal fillet stuffed with Camuna rose cheese paste, strings of peppers, confit croissant with thyme, duchess potatoes and grilled courgettes.


Zenato. Azienda Agricola San Cristina. Cabernet Sauvignon. 2021.

Veal and Cabernet Sauvignon


Biancaneve—Mousse al cioccolato bianco con salsa di frutti di bosco freschi ai centro.

Snow White—White chocolate mousse with fresh berry sauce.


Brolo dei Giusti. Passito. Garda DOC. 2020. (Sweet wine)

Chocolate, fruits and sweet wine

4. Insights.

  • 76% of Garda DOC wines come from five cooperatives. Some produce excellent sparkling wines at great value. Think sparkling wines if you visit Lake Garda.
  • Lake Garda is huge, at the base of the Alps. Choose one focal point where you will stay, but also wander north and south along the lakeshore.
  • It’s a lake—take a boat ride!
  • You may want to combine a visit to Lake Garda with a visit to Verona, about 45 minute drive away.
  • The focus today by grape growers is Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay. But also try wines made from local grapes such as Garganega. And red wines can also be splendid and at great value.
Wine and walk around the town of Lazise on southern Lake Garda, Italy
Lake Garda includes a Mediterranean climate, where lemons grow abundantly

5. Videos.

Lake Garda

Walking in Lazise, Lake Garda

Piadina Cooking

Lake Garda Boat Trip

San Viglio Sunset, Lake Garda

Thanks for tuning in! Coming attractions include a garden party in Beaune, Burgundy and notes on wines from La Liviniere and elsewhere in the Minervois.

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