1. Rhone Valley Rasteau Wines Tastings & Value.

Below are faces of winemakers from a recent visit to the Rasteau wine region of the Rhone Valley in France.

Rasteau wine producers, Rhone Valley – for details read the article in Forbes

Recent Forbes posts are here. Two regard Rhone Valley wines in the Rasteau appellation.

Rolling Stones Impact Rhone Valley Rasteau Wines

Rhone Valley Rasteau Wines Tasted For Value

One article includes value scoring for wines, so I am including the table below.

An evaluation of the ‘value’ of various wines is included in the table below. Optimal values in terms of price/quality are indicated as Superlative Value ♫♫♫, followed by Excellent Value♫♫ followed by Good Value♫. No value score may indicate that the price/quality combination is not unusual for that region, or that data is unavailable. The table below only includes the wines that were evaluated.

These value evaluations were generated with my proprietary Vino Value algorithm. This algorithm has been calibrated based on tasting thousands of wines during the past nine years. More information is here.

Winery/Wine/YearQuality Scoring Based On 100 Point Parker SystemCellar
Price Euros
Vino Value Evaluation
Domaine les Evigneaux. Rasteau AOP. 2019.94€ 13.00Superlative Value ♫♫♫
Domaine des Escaravailles. La Ponce. Râsteau AOP. 2021.93€ 14.50Excellent Value♫♫
Domaine des Escaravailles. Heritage 1924. Râsteau AOP. 2021.95€ 20.00Good Value♫
Domaine Grange Blanche. L’Archange. Râsteau AOP. 2020.92€ 17.00Good Value♫
Domaine Grand Nicolet. Terre des Bertrand. Vielles Vignes.Râsteau AOP. 2022.92€ 11.80Excellent Value♫♫
Domaine La Luminaire. Luminaris. Côtes du Rhône Villages. 2022.92€ 13.00Excellent Value♫♫
Domaine La Luminaire. Luminaris. Côtes du Rhône Villages. 2021.94€ 14.50Excellent Value♫♫
Domaine La Luminaire. Garance. Côtes du Rhône Villages. 2021.96€ 19.00Good Value♫
Domaine M. Boutin. Rasteau AOP. 202294€ 11.50Superlative Value ♫♫♫
Domaine des Girasols. L’arbe de Vie. Râsteau AOP. 2019.94€ 16.70Good Value♫
Domaine des Girasols. Lampereuse. Rasteau AOP. 2018.93€ 17.60Good Value♫
Domaine Bressy Masson. Râssteau AOP. 2021.94€ 15.00Excellent Value♫♫
Domaine Bressy Masson. Le Jas. Râsteau AOP. 2020.96+€ 25.00Good Value♫
Domaine des Couteaux des Travers. Mondona. Râsteau AOP. 2021.93€ 17.00Good Value♫
Domaine Gramiller. Les Marcels. Rasteau AOP. 2022.93€ 15.20Good Value♫
Domaine Font de Notre Dame. La Source. Rasteau AOP. 2022.94€ 11.50Superlative Value ♫♫♫
Domaine Fond Croze. Rasteau AOP. 2021.92€ 14.00Good Value♫
Domaine Caroline Bonnefoy. Rasteau AOC. 2020.93€ 17.50Good Value♫
Domaine Les Evigneaux. Rasteau AOP. 2020.95€ 14.50Excellent Value♫♫
Domaine des Escaravailles. Vin Doux Naturel. Râsteau Blanc. AOP. 2023.94€ 14.00Excellent Value♫♫
Domaine des Escaravailles. Vin Doux Naturel. Râsteau Rosé. AOP. 2023.94€ 14.00Excellent Value♫♫
Domaine des Escaravailles. Vin Doux Naturel. Râsteau Garnet. AOP. 2022.96€ 14.00Superlative Value ♫♫♫
Domaine Grand Nicolet. Vin Doux Naturel. Râsteau AOP. 200496€ 18.50Good Value♫
Domaine du Trapadis. Vin Doux Naturel. Garnet. Râsteau AOP. 2022. 95€ 16.50Excellent Value♫♫
Domaine La Soumade. Vin Doux Naturel. Garnet. Râsteau AOP. 2022.94€ 13.00Superlative Value ♫♫♫

Additional wine notes to those that are included in the Forbes article are below.

Domaine des Escaravailles. La Ponce. Râsteau AOP. 2023. €12.00. 89 – 90 points.

From the family of Madeline Ferran and a 30-hectare estate created 70 years ago with a huge range of 25 wines, of which 25% are white. Blend of 40/40/10/10 Roussanne, Marsanne, Clairette, Grenache Blanc. Aromas of flint, pears and honey. Light and soft flavors. Fruit grown at 1,100 feet (350 meters) elevation brings out freshness. Producers wisely suggest pairing with scallops with lime juice or else a peach clafoutis with rosemary.

Rasteau, Rhone Valley, France

Domaine des Escaravailles. La Galopine. Râsteau AOP. 2023. €17.00. 90 points.

Galopine means viognier in old French. This 50/40/10 blend of Roussanne, Marsanne and Viognier includes opulent, rich, bulbous, syrupy and generous aromas. Rich and rounded mid palate of white pears with slight minerality. The domaine recommends pairing with veal cutlet with cream sauce and morels. Sounds parfait.

Domaine des Escaravailles. Argilla Ad Argilla. Rasteau AOP. 2021. €17.50. 92 – 93 points.

60/40 Grenache/Syrah blend aged in clay pots. Young aromas of garrigue scrub, sage and black licorice. Soft tannins in this well-balanced wine with flavors of figs mid palate and red plums on the finish.

Domaine Grange Blanche. Tentation. Râsteau AOP. 2021. €9.50 Euros. 89 – 90 points.

A 60/20/20 blend of Grenache/Syrah/Cinsault that ages in concrete. Crinkly, gnarly, sneakily lively crunchy Grenache. An easy drinker with nice acidity and cassis flavors. A summer wine.

Domaine La Luminaire. Garance. Côtes du Rhône Villages. 2021. €19.00. 96 points. [Good Value♫].

Predominantly old vine (80 years) Grenache with Carignan and a little Mourvèdre for structure. Flavors include blueberries and raspberries and red plums with slight mocha on the finish; rounded due to the Grenache. Sleek tannins; bright acidity. There is both eating and drinking in this wine—a supple beauty!

Domaine La Luminaire. Garance. Côtes du Rhône Villages. 2020. 94-95 points.

Aromas of raspberries, plums, mandarins. Light and delicate flavors that include dark plums and some German chocolate cake on the finish. Deft tannins. Owner believes co-fermenation is essential for the softness.

Rasteau vines, Rhone Valley, France

Domaine M.Boutin. MB. Vin de France. 2022. €12.00. 90 points.

This white wine is a 90/10 blend of Grenache Gris and Terret grown over blue marl and limestone clay. Aromas of green grass. Mid palate creamy flavors of green apples and white pears. Sparky acidity and minerality and some lime on the finish. Fresh, drinkable, juicy. 1,200 bottles produced.

Domaine des Girasols. Vielles Vignes. Rasteau AOP. 2019. €20.00. 92+points.

80/20 Grenache/Mourvèdre blend with aromas of orange rind, tar, treacle, hickory. Dark, bold, commanding flavors with slick tongue-tingling acidity. Pair with a well done grilled T-bone steak. Slightly reduced still, but well balanced. A hit of Napa in the Rhone Valley.

Domaine des Escaravailles. Vin Doux Naturel. Râsteau Blanc. AOP. 2023. €14.00. 94 points. [Excellent Value♫♫].

Made from Grenache Blanc old vines. First made by the winemaker when, two decades ago, his wife wanted something special for the holiday season. Brisk and frisky fresh aromas of white pears and honey. Sweet and opulent flavors with an oomph mid palate.

2. Food / Wine Pairings.


Magret de canard du Gers farci aux aromates; Petit épeautre de Sault à l’origan

Duck breast from Gers stuffed with herbs

Duck breast


Domaine Chamfort. La Planne. AOP Rasteau. 2021.

La Planne – a 70/30 Grenache/Syrah blend


La piece du Boucher, sauve poivre, pomme frites & mesclun.

Butcher’s meat cut, pepper sauce, French fries and mesculin salad.

Butcher’s cut


Cave de Rasteau RhonéA. Prestige. 2022.

Prestige, a 70/30 Grenache/Syrah blend

3. Insights.

In the Rhone Valley wine region, small and lesser known offbeat towns are the way to go when it comes to learning about the wine and people. Table wine is sound and sometimes delicious, and the overall value of wines is excellent. Visit the local wine store (‘syndicat’) that is partially funded by the government and sells wines at cellar prices, which is usually a bargain.

Smile and enjoy the ride – life is brief

Thanks for joining in. Next—Vinitaly and En Primeurs in Bordeaux.

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