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I have now published over 700 free articles. The links in three indexes below lead to all of them.

The first blog post—Vino Expressions (now Vino Voices)—came out a dozen years ago, after pressing the publish button on my laptop while seated in California’s Newport Beach public library on Saint Patrick’s Day.

‘Saint Patrick’s Day, 2010 – a festive day to begin a web log…’

An early article on that blog was about wine on Waiheke Island off the coast of New Zealand.

Waiheke Islands of New Zealand—home to some beautiful wines

Three years later—in 2013—I launched the Roundwood Press website from an apartment where I lived while working in Islamabad, Pakistan.

‘Welcome to Roundwood Press.  Millennia of battles, raids, subjugation and victory forged the character of Irish people, while years of writing shaped these books. I hope you find a topic you enjoy.’

An early article from Roundwood Press related to the Italian village of Bergamo.

View from Bergamo, Italy

In 2016 I began writing for Forbes Life online—writing the first article from my apartment in Blaye, Bordeaux.

‘The upcoming Bordeaux Wine Festival—Fête le Vin 2016 (June 23-26)—differs from other high profile wine events in this region (such as Vinexpo, or the annual “en primeur” tastings) because it will take place along a public waterfront, and is intended for all to enjoy.’

An early article for Forbes was titled ‘How To Drink Like A Local In Bordeaux City.’

Bordeaux, with the Basilica of St. Michel (Photo credit: Jean-Pierre Muller/AFP/Getty Images)
Bordeaux city, France

In terms of readership, nothing has dramatically changed during the interim years since beginning these blogs. The are generally for friends and acquaintances. Yet although the readership is small, it now includes some of the best winemakers and chefs on the planet. I value a few wise, known friends reading these words over a million strangers. That may change in time—but for now this situation is appreciated.

Roundwoood Press is named after Roundwood village in County Wicklow, Ireland

As for Forbes, sometimes a few hundred people read an article, and sometimes tens of thousands read an article. There is no predicting, except generally, in advance which topics will draw most interest.

These 700+ articles are free (for now), easily accessible, and cover a range of topics. The three indexes below (click any) lead to my past writings on the following topics:

Vino Voices – Over 230 articles covering food, wine, travel

Forbes – Over 300 articles covering lifestyle, personalities, sailing races, wine, food, travel, books

Roundwood Press – 140 articles covering books, philosophy, technology and travel

Now, back to our regular wine related theme for this Vino Voices blog.

Let’s travel to a magical weekend in Burgundy, France.

Clos de Vougeot, Burgundy


Today’s post takes us back a few weeks to a magical weekend in the Burgundy wine region.

La Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin—the Brotherhood of the Knights of The Wine Tasting Cup—have gathered since the year 1934 in the Burgundy region of France to promote great wines and cuisine in the ‘spirit of conviviality.’ Their lunch this year, held in the Clos de Vougeot ancient monastery, was held by the Saint-Vincent chapter.

Inside Clos de Vougeot monastery

The seven course meal lasted four hours, punctuated by speeches, music and award ceremonies.

Lunch wine list
Lunch place setting
Lunch companions—winemakers, brokers, an auctioneer, and wine buyers
Interior coutyard of Clos de Vougeot
Night inside the courtyard of Clos de Vougeot


Première Assiette – First Course

Wine –

Bourgogne Côte d’Or Cuvée Saint-Vincent Tournante 2018 (white)

Dish –

La rosace de boudin blanc à la truffe noire et confit d’oignon doux

(Rosette of white pudding with black truffle and candied sweet onion)

Deuxième Assiette – Second Course

Wine –

Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Hameau de Blagny 2015 Tasteviné (white)

Dish –

Le filet de saint-pierre de ligne

(John Dory fish fillet)

Entremets – Between Courses

Wine –

Bourgogne Hautes-Côtes de Nuits 2018 Tasteviné

Dish –

Les oeufs en meurette vigneronne

(Vineyard poached eggs – a Burgundy classic)

Dorure –

Wine –

Pommard 1er Cru Les Chanlins-Bas 2018 Tasteviné

Dish –

La pintade de ferme chaponnée aux escargot de Bourgogne

(Farm guinea fowl with Burgundy snails)

Issue de Table –

Wine –

Nuits-Saint-Georges 1er Cru Les Saint Georges 2011

Dish –

Les bons fromages de Bourgogne et de Franche-Comté

(Good Burgundy cheeses and Franch-Comté cheese)

Boutehors –

Wine –

Crémant de Bourgogne Brut Rosé Tasteviné

Dish –

La gourmandise aux marrons, vanille et cassis de Bourgogne les petits fours

(Burgundy chestnuts, vanilla and blackcurrant petit fours)

Drink –

Le café noir, le vieux Marc et la liquer de Prunelle de Bourgogne


This year was unusual in Burgundy in that two key local events were held on the same weekend due to an unusual scheduling conflict. This resulted in the fortune that we could attend both: the Chevaliers lunch and also the Hospices de Nuits wine auction the following day (both were held in Clos de Vougeot, and both included grand lunches).

Quite the festive lunch crew
Guillaume Jourdan, who graciously invited me to these Burgundy events

Hours after this huge lunch, a group of us shared a stellar dinner with three magnums of Hospices de Nuits Saint Georges Premier Cru at nearby Château de Gilly hotel restaurant. Amazing!

Now, dinner time at the local hotel
For dinner, magnums from 2013, 2014, 2015 – Stellar!

Something important to know about brunch in Burgundy.

On day two there, wine broker Ting Ding and I sampled 2021 wines from barrels that were to be auctioned. We then emerged into daylight to find that our friends had vanished. We tracked them down to the local open air market, where they insisted we join them for a classic Burgundy brunch: Chablis wine and escargot. The equivalent of Sauvignon Blanc and oysters in Bordeaux. Wonderful!

Soon after, we enjoyed another sumptuous lunch at Clos de Vougeot before the Hospices de Nuits wine auction. But that story is here.

Chablis and Escargot for a Burgundy weekend morning

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