The background for this post is included in a three part Forbes series I wrote about exploring Tuscany’s wine country in a Fiat 500 (‘cinquecento’) car.

Exploring Tuscan Wine Country By Fiat Cinquecento – Part 1

Exploring Tuscan Wine Country By Fiat Cinquecento – Part 2

Exploring Tuscan Wine Country By Fiat Cinquecento – Part 3

Castello di Brolio, Chianti Classico, Tuscany, Italy

Also learn about a Tuscan mother emphasizing a new wine country in Tuscany:

This Defiant Mother Is Creating A Different Touch Of Tuscan Wine

Below are many of the meals and wines enjoyed at several restaurants throughout Tuscany.

We begin in the city of Siena.

Trattoria Tullio Tre Cristi—Siena

Since 1830 …
Inside the Three Christ restaurant in Siena

Dish 1, Wine 1.

Mixed Seafood appetizer with spice.

Brancaia Stella Vino Spumante.

Marine appetizer
Head Chef Emmanuelle pours sparkling wine

Dish 2, Wine 2.

Shrimp with carrot (crocante) patties.

Forlini Cappellini Cinqueterrie DOC white wine.

Fresh from the ocean
From the Cinqueterre region of Italy

Dishes 3, 4, 5, paired with Wine 3.

Octopus with picante smashed potatoes.

Yummy tentacles

Dish 4.

White fish.

Light and crisp

Dish 5.


Tuscan pasta

Wine 3.

Gewurtztraminer—Canina Lavis, Trentino DOC.

Tart and edgy

Osteria di Brolio

This restaurant is owned by the Ricasoli family estate, and is located on the grounds of the Brolio castle estate in Chianti Classico. Stunning food and wine.

In the shadow of the castle
Insider Osteria di Brolio
Chef Franco Sangiacomo

Appetizer & Dish 1 and Wine 1.

Goat cheese, mushrooms, greens, followed by pasta with pumpkin.

Ricasoli. Torricella Chardonnay. 2009.

Goat cheese and greens
Pasta with pumpkin

Dish 2, Wine 2.

Pigeon with Merlot grapes.

Ricasoli. Castello di Brolio. Casalferro. 2016.

Succulent pigeon

Casalferro wine

All Merlot

Osteria di Fonterutoli

Belonging to the winemaking Mazzei family, this Chianti Classico winery includes an outdoor patio that can be closed in on cool or rainy days. The family makes Ipsus, Siepi and other wines.

Osteria di Fonterutoli at night

Appetizer Wine.

Mazzei. Belguardo Codice Vermentino. 2020.

Dish 1.

Wild Boar meatballs, ‘bagna cauda’ sauce and pickled radish.

Crocchette di cinghiale, began cauda e ravanelli sott’aceto.

Dish 2.

Pheasant stuffed ravioli, fava beans cream and roasted pheasant sauce.

Bottoni di fagiano, crema di fave e salsa del suo arrosto.


Siepi vintages – 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, as well as 2007.


Chocolate brownie with yogurt and strawberry mousse.

Brownie al cioccolato con yogurt e spuma di fragole.

Layered beauty

Fattoria le Pupille lunch.

This winery in the Maremma region of Tuscay is owned by Elisabetta Geppetti and managed by herself as well as daughter Clara and son Ettore. We ate a light lunch of cous cous and charcuterie while tasting wines. Then, dessert.

Fattoria property
The countryside of Maremma
Ettore, proud of his family wine

Dessert and Sweet Wine.

Biscotti and ice cream.

Solalto passito sweet wine. 2019.

Biscotti and sweet wine

Home cooked dinner at Tenuta Ghizziano southwest of Pisa.

Ginevra Venerosi Pesciolini treated us to a wonderful home cooked meal in the Terre di Pisa appellation. The family has owned their property for 650 years.

At the Tenuta di Ghizzano family home
Biodynamic vineyards
Comfortable tasting
Venerosi and other wines

Main Dish and Wines.

Rabbit, eggplant, French fries.

Veneroso 2016, 2017, 2018; Memesi 2019 & Mambrot 2018.

Hearty rural fare
Affordable and excellent

Frescobaldi Restaurant Lunch at Piazza Signoria, Florence

I ate lunch solo here, then met friend and sommelier Eugenia Braschi, who works with Antinori, for a glass of wine.

Duomo, Firenze
An institution

Dish 1.

‘Le Nostre Bruschette’

Cherry Tomato, Red Onion and Basil & Seared Octopus, Sauteed Chard and Burrato Stracciatella.

Pomodoro Ciliegino, Cipolla Rossa e Basilico & Polpo Stufato, Bietole Saltate e Stracciatella di Burrato.

Fresh and vivacious flavors

Wine 1.

Attems Ribolla Gialla. 2021. Venezia Giulia. IGT.

Dish 2.

Burrata Ravioli with Tomatoes and Basil.

Ravioli di Burrata con Pomodoro e Basilico.

Sinfully good Italian pasta

Wine 2.

Frescobaldi. Castel Giocondo. Brunello di Montalcino. 2017.

Silky Sangiovese
Eugenia relaxing

Torre A Cona dinner outside of Florence.

Torre A Cona is a beautiful resort and winery on the outskirts of Florence.

Night vibe
Cocktail lounge

Dish 1.

Grilled anchovies garnished with sausages and a mixed salad.

Acciughe grigliate con salsiccia e insalata aromatica.

Wine 1.

Torre A Cona. Chianti Colli Fiorentini. Riserva. DOCG. 2019.

Riserva delight
Chef Maria Probst

Dish 2.

Wholemeal fusilloni served with guanciale, mushroom and thyme.

Fusilloni integrali con guanciale funghi e timo.

Colorful and complex

Dish 3.

Duo of grilled and tartare, Tuscan Maremanna beef.

Tagliata e Tartare di manzo razza Maremmana.

Roasted and rare meat

Wine 2.

Torre A Cona. Colorino Casamaggio. 2018. IGT.

Colorino – a novel grape
Chiara Bellacci (left) and Paola de Blasi
Sprawling cedar
Rolling hills outside of Florence

And finally—a little artificial intelligence generated image from Dall-E-2 using the title of this post:

Tuscany – Food and Wine Fantasyland

Thanks for tuning in!

Next edition will include exploring Malaga with three renowned wine writers!

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