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To learn more about the successful, quality driven wine cooperatives of Cantina Terlan and Cantina Andriano in the far northern Alto Adige region of Italy, ready my Forbes piece titled – The Luxury Wine Cooperatives of Northern Italy.

Beautiful wines, paired with stellar meals described below.

View from Adige Valley, Italy
Alpine connoisseur
Mountain vines



Located in Merano at the northern end of the Adige Valley.

Sissi Restaurant

Appetizer Wine –

Champagne Ulysse Collin. 2016. Disgorged 2020.

Champagne to kick off

First Dish –

Baccalà, Baccalà, Baccalà—Trio of Salt Cod

Cod trio

First Wine –

Vorberg Pinot Bianco Riserva. Alto Adige Terlano. DOC. 2019.

Rounded and open aromas of green apples—typical of the Pinot Bianco from which this wine is exclusively made. Includes crisp acidity from the 550 to 650 meters elevation where the grapes are grown.

100% Pinot Bianco aged in 40 year old casks

Second Dish –

Spaghetti Omega3 Monograno Felicetti. This pasta is drenched in fish liver sauce and is rich in Omega 3. Chef Fenoglio says this is his translation of foie gras from the sea.

Marine foie gras

Second Wine –

Cantina Andrian. Andrius Sauvignon Blanc. Alto Adige DOC. 2020.

Aromas of green apples and caramel. Some raspberry red fruit influence. Crisp and mineral flavors of green apples and limes. Brittle acidity. A renowned, classic wine for restaurants.

Paola Beba (winemaker from Florence) with Andrius

Third Dish –

Quail and Mimolette Cheese.

Delicate preparation; bold ingredients

Third Wine –

Cantina Terlan. Nova Domus Riserva. Alto Adige Terlan DOC. 2019.

This blend of Pinot Bianco, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc is typical of Cantina Terlan. It is made from grapes from 40 year old vines. This rich, zesty white includes aromatic layers of caramel and spice. Think of a rich buttered Burgundy meeting a lick of Sauternes as well as a clean, acidic Riesling, but with a lick of burnt caramel thrown in.

Fourth Dish –

Onion and Smoked Leek with Black Truffle.

Regional vegetable delight

Fifth Dish –

Soy Meat, Nettle Sauce and Carrots.

Healthy and beautiful

Wine for Fourth and Fifth Dishes –

Gannt Merlot Riserva 2018. Bright acidity and fruit as well as integrated earthy flavors. This is an Alto Adige masquerading as a Napa.

Merlot from Alto Adige


Buttermilk ice cream, almond crumble and apple juice.

Cool, textured, fruity

Wine for Dessert –

Château Gazin. Pomerol. Bordeaux. 2015.

Bordeaux is not far

Mountains of Alto Adige


Located about half way up the Adige valley.

Located in the middle of Adige Valley
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Sunflowers in Alto Adige

First Dish –

Millefoglie di foie gras, fette carameliate di mele e curry. Carmelized mille feuille of fois gras.

Texture here is surprising

First Wine –

Legras & Haas Champagne. Chouilly Grand Cru. 2008.

When in doubt, pour champagne

Second Dish –

Fritto misto di frutti di mare, maionese picante, creme di finocchi e peperoni or mixed seafood in fennel, marinated peppers and chilli mayonnaise.

Small but powerful

Third Dish –

Tortelli di pane Schüttelbrot con fonduta di malga, ortica e achillea, or Schüttelbrot tortelli with fonduta of alpine pasture cheese and nettle cream.


Wine for Second and Third Dishes –

Cantina Terlan. Quarz Sauvignon Blanc. Alto Adige Terlan DOC.

Crisp, racy, edgy

Fourth Dish –

Risotto ai tre pomodori, or risotto with tomato.

Ah, risotto! Italy …

Fifth Dish –

Petto di vitello in oliocottura con bietole colorate e gelato alla cipola tropea, or confit of veal breast with beets and tropea ice cream.

Beef and ice cream! Love it …

Wine for Fourth and Fifth Dishes –

Giuseppe Rinaldi. Barolo DOCG. 2013.

The King of Wines … Barolo


The word ‘miil’ means mill.

The menu reads ‘We cook whatever we like, what nature gives us, what makes us happy, traditional, modern and open-minded.’

Countryside setting and brilliant food
Aperitif before dinner
Restaurant Miil – exceptional settings
A garden and restaurant

Dishes –

A medley, which included Ravioli alla Norma with egglpant, tomato and ricotta (top left), pomodoro cuor di bue, or herbs, elderflower capers panzanella—a type of salad (top right) and tartara di manzo nostrano al coltello, or hand chopped local beef tartar with smoked eel, creme fraiche and radish (bottom left) and general appetizers (bottom right)

A collection of beauties

Wines –

Many, including a 2019 Meursault from Burgundy, a 2012 Egly-Ourier Grand Cru Champagne, a 2018 Felsenec Riesling and a Miani Pettarin Ribolla Giala from Friuli, Italy.

French, German and Italian wines for lunch


  • The main city of Alto Adige is Bolzano, but many of the best restaurants are found in the countryside out of the city.
  • Despite this region being in northern Italy under the Alps, it can be blazingly hot during summer. Prepare for heat.
  • Here are some of the best cooperative wines in the world, made under strict guidance and regulation for quality.
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Hillside fauna in Adige
  • Higher end wines here made from Pinot Bianco, as well as Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc can be delicious, rich and complex. Prepare for some potentially amazing dining experiences.
  • The Dolomite Mountains are nearby, and are spectacular. Visit if in the region.
Ambience in Adige
  • Bolazano and the region include museums for Otzi the ice man—a mummified preliterate individual with a rich history, and a museum for mountaineer Reinhold Messner (who solo climbed Mount Everest, decades ago, without oxygen).
  • The history of change here means that languages spoke ninclude both German and Italian.
  • Regional dishes focus on potatoes, meat, pasta and there is also spatzle and fish. Desserts include apple strudel, chestnut tortes, candied prunes and so much more. The Terlano wine soup is famous, and wonderful!
Hills near Settequerce, Adige Valley

Julia Springeth of Cantina Terlan markets Adige wines throughout the world
Left to right from Cantina Terlan: Klaus Gasser, Julia Springeth, Rudi Kofler

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