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Emilia-Romagna is one of Italy’s 20 regions, and is known for ‘fast cars and slow food,’ as well as some great wines. Check out my recent Forbes piece on the region. Below are a few restaurant meals during a recent trip to the Romagna (eastern) portion of Emilia-Romagna.


First Course

Prawns and shrimp with tomatoes and basil (misto al vapore: ali di razza pomodoro e basilico, scampi e cannocchi).

Prawns and shrimp

Wines –

SettantaSette Rebola wine from producter Ca’Perdichi—Colli di Rimini Rebola DOC. 2021.

Fattoria del Piccioni—Villa Massani. Colli di Rimini Rebola DOC. 2021.

Franco Galli—Colli di Rimini Rebola DOC. 2021.

Giuletta—Colli di Rimini Rebola DOC. 2021.

Second Course –

Cappellietti pasta with white cuttlefish ragu and mantis shrimp (cappelletti leggeri al ragu bianco di seppia, veraci sgusciate e canocchie).

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Wines –

Podere Vecciano. Le Opere. Vigna La Ginestra. Coli di Rimini Rebola. DOC. 2021.

Le Rocche Malatestiane. Larus. Colli di Rimini Rebola. DOC. 2021.

Azienda Agricola San Valentino. Scabi Rebola. Colli di Rimini Rebola. DOC. 2021.

Daniele Longanesi. Rambela. Ravenna Bianco. IGT. 2021.

Tenuta Uccellina. Rambela. Ravenna Famoso. IGP. 2021.


Antipasto –

Salad with asparagus, broad beans, peas, saltwort, broccoli rabe with a cream of almonds and hazelnuts (inslata de asparagi, fave, piselli, agretti e rapa, crema di mandorla e nocciole).

Wines –

Cantina Mingazzini. Alcjone. Romagna Sangiovese Superiore. DOC. 2020.

Poggio della Dogana. I Quattro Bastioni. Romagna Sangiovese Superiore. DOC. 2018.

Merlotta. Petali di Viola. Romagna Sangiovese Superiore. DOC. 2021.

Main Dish (Secondo Piatto)

Guinea fowl breast stuffed with bacon and thyme, eggplant caponata and rosemary infusion (petto di faraona farcito con battuto di lardo e timo, caponata di verdure e infusione al rosmarino).

Wines –

Fattoria Nicolucci. Vigna del Generale. Romagna Sangiovese Superiore Riserva. DOC. 2016.

Condé. Le Lucciole. Romagna Sangiovese Predappio. DOC. 2016.

Fattoria Zerbina. Pietramora. Romagna Sangiovese Marzeno Riserva. DOC. 2011.

Fattoria Paradiso. Vigna delle Lepri. Romagna Sangiovese Superiore Riserva. DOC. 2012.


Emilia-Romagna has versions of Sangiovese that are stunning, and a fraction of a cost of those same wines sold in neighboring Tuscany. The region is also renowned for food, and although not touched in this article – the purple and bubbling Lambrusco wine is often made at high quality levels and can be delicious. Bologna and Modena are always good to visit, the latter being less flush with international tourists and crowds during summer.

Bologna at night
Neptune statue in Bologna
Ladies from Well Com PR firm
Stunning church and mosaics in Ravenna from the 10th century
The hilly vineyards of Romagna

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  1. This has made me excited for my upcoming trip around Emilia-Romagna, perfect timing!

    1. Laura – Great! Hope you enjoyed!

    2. And did you enjoy your trip??

  2. The real bummer now for this Italian wine lover, it is almost impossible to find any of these wines in Bordeaux. I’ve teased myself by reading your post!

    1. Fortunately, Italy is not far away!

    2. Hi Lynn! Yes, but Bordeaux has great wines!

    3. Hi Lynn! Yes, but Bordeaux has great wines!

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