Below is a food/wine pairing recently enjoyed at the 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival in southern France.

Both seafood dishes and white wine pairing should inspire your own sense of adventure in cooking. Also, try this white wine made from a grape you likely never heard of.

1. CHEF.

Paolo Amadori of La Forge Restaurant, Saint Tropez. (Forbes interview with him coming soon.)

Chef Paolo


Risotto with lemon rosemary scampi, followed by a filet of pink dorado (cooked sous vide with vinegar) and a saffron sauce.

Not your usual risotto

Delicious dorado

3. WINE.

2018 Roncaglia from Mancini in Pesaro.

This Italian white wine is made using the Albanella grape, as well as a small white vinification of Pinot Noir. It is dry, crisp, well structured and delicious! 

The city of Pesaro (in the Marche region of Italy) is not to be confused with Pescara (located further south, in the Abruzzo region), although both sit on Italy’s Adriatic coast.

The denomination for this Albanella/Pinot Noir blend is DOC Colli Pesaresi Roncaglia.

(Note that Albanella is not the same as Albanello from Sicily.)

Crisp Italian white wine made with the Albanella grape


The Cannes Yachting Festival improved its layout this year. The scene is generally not too crowded, with a casual and relaxed vibe. Remember, most superyacht sales do not actually take place at these boat shows, and owners and brokers know that. So, they are generally not into any ‘hard sell’ or ‘push’ mode.

If you can land lunch aboard a 3 or 30 million Euro superyacht (perhaps with its own submarine and heli-port) with a renowned chef—don’t say no.

Julia (left) and Laura—both writers/editors from London—enjoy a blast of scorching weather in Cannes

Thanks again for tuning into Vino Voices!

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  1. Robert Scott, of winelineRadio, wrote about my Forbes piece that relates to this post:

    Dear Tom,

    I just returned from 2 weeks in Umbria and Tuscany recording video interviews with top producers in the regions.
    I really enjoyed your article “The Soul Of Italian Cuisine Pulses Beside Saint Tropez In France.”
    I could almost taste the risotto…

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