Who has time to read books during the holiday season? There are people to visit, food to eat, movies to watch, and trails to walk.

But lists of wine books persist. If you don’t have time to read now, put books on an electronic ‘wish list’ for later.


Some of the lists below are recent, while others were published months ago. In March, The Gourmand Group listed best wine books, while in April, Food and Wine Magazine listed top sommeliers and their pairings of wine and food.

In July, the UK Daily Telegraph told us the best wines to match with scallops, and in August The Jerusalem Post recommended a book about a wine route in Israel.

IMG_6563In November, The Seattle Times recommended five great wine books for the holiday season, and more recently Lettie Teague from the Wall Street Journal recommended five wine books for beginners. Meanwhile, The Wine Turtle recommended 10 must-read wine books.

IMG_8298What else this past year?

The Irish Times recommended how to match wine and cheese, as well as a book by the author of that article – titled Wilson on Wine 2016. The Australian Daily Telegraph reviewed the book Tangled Vines, and The Portland Tribune reviewed the recent wine thriller, titled Vintage.

IMG_6635For more traditional wine books, The Australian reviewed James Halliday’s wine books, and here is a review of Matt Kramer’s book True Taste. If you’re into seriously heave wine lit, The Vancouver Sun recommended a six pound (three kilogram) wine book titled Wine Grapes.

Care for a visual treat? Open and read (from back to front), the graphic novel Drops of God, and though not a book, the following site includes a compilation of Fiona Beckett’s recipes, including recommended drink pairings (which includes wines).

IMG_6650So ignore the holiday bustle awhile. Treat yourself. Take time off. Pour a favored vino, then enjoy a decent read.






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  1. Thanks Tom, I’m always on the search for good wine books, so this provides some fantastic links. Hope you have a wonderful festive season too, and perhaps 2016 is the year we will finally meet 🙂

    1. Glad the lists are useful Chrissie – I usually can’t read about wine without pouring a glass. Or two. No complaints! I shall be back in France in the Pyrenees in a few weeks, and look forward to seeing if I can visit Nice again later this year, so – yes – hopefully we shall meet! Hope you and family are well…

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