Vino Voices now belongs to a larger family.

Roundwood Presslaunched in May, is the proud publisher of Vino Voices as well as a dozen other books.  In the coming months, we’ll publish two more ebooks.

Powerscourt Waterfall in County Wicklow, Ireland

Roundwood is in Ireland – a misty village in the Wicklow Hills.  For now, Roundwood publishes books I have written during the past two decades – both fiction and non-fiction.

Whether you like tales of travel, history, adventure, inspiration,or even wine or notes about leadership, click on Roundwood Press to consider your next book to read.

If you signed up for notifications from this Wine and Work website, you will not automatically be signed you up for Roundwood Press information.  Just visit the Home Page of Roundwood Press to sign up for updates, web log posts, and information about new books.  All that’s needed is your email….and no, I will not share that information with anyone else.


Thanks for exploring the misty hill country.

Tom Mullen

Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher – a bit west of Roundwood Country, but sharing the same magical beauty.

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  1. Congratulations Tom!
    Look forward to reading more of your work 🙂

    1. Thanks Lisa! I am still in awe of your Solo Trek to Zambia!! AND Botswana! I want to see photos…will phone you before I come to California next month.

  2. If you have not read them, Tom’s books are well written and very enjoyable. I encourage you to check out Roundwood Press and start reading!

  3. Oh… and great photos Tom — in your books and on this blog. You have talent!

  4. Your photos in your books and on this blog are fantastic. Tom, you have talent. Keep it up. Powerscourt is one of my all time favourite estates. We used to have a vision of creating even simple versions of some of the Powerscourt walks on our property in the Mohawk River Valley. Alas, that never came to be, but it is good to dream! Love that area.

    1. Great! Yes, Powerscourt is beautiful….looking out at the lush Wicklow Hills. They even have Japanese gardens – amongst several others – inside. They recently built some massive new high end hotel near there. I believe it was tastefully designed, though I have not visited to know for sure. The waterfall is the tallest within both Ireland and the UK, and is often used in movies or tv series.

  5. Excellent! I was hoping the next few would make it to e-books.
    Are you going to put some out as hard copies, too? My Kindle doesn’t capture the photos.

    1. Thanks for the interest. Hard copies? Not a priority now. Also, you can download a Kindle app to your tablet or computer and check out the photos in color, and in a larger format…

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