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The most recent Vino Voices livestream was about Portuguese wines. It included an interview with winemaker Jorge Alves from Aldeia di Cima in the Alentejo region, and a tasting of four beautiful white and red wines. This 30-minute livestream is below.


June 25th, 18:00 French time—more Bordeaux 2019 wines. I’ll provide more information next week via social media.


Only yesterday (June 15th) did international borders with other countries open (except for Italy, which opened earlier) due to the covid-19 virus.

Lack of recent travel opportunities provided the idea to cook recipes from cookbooks from adjacent countries during these weeks. This week, I chose recipes from the Italian island of Sicily and paired them with a French Bordeaux red wine.

After cooking these three dishes, I invited three lady friends over for lunch. They were spending the day together preparing a one minute video about rum for some competition. The video is included below partially because it is fresh, zesty and fun, and also because its director Sonya Marchand also produces graphics for my livestreams, and she created the Vino Voices logo above.

Now, back to our regular format.

1. CHEF.

Again, I was chef, using recipes from a cookbook titled Sicilia in CucinaThe Flavours of Sicily, as well as a dessert recipe from an allrecipes website.


Three dishes—although photographs of only two are shown, due to croquettes being somewhat blackened (though still tasty!).

Pomodori Ripieni alla Marsalese (Stuffed Tomatoes Marsala Style).

Basically you stuff hollowed out vine tomatoes with shrimp and olives, pour a little olive oil and grate black pepper over them, then oven roast for 20 minutes.

Pomodori Ripieni

Cazzila di Patate (Potato Croquettes).

Not photographed because, sadly, they were not at all photogenic.

Sicilian Ricotta Cheesecake.

This include a pound (half kilo) of ricotto cheese, six eggs, some flour, sugar, vanilla, zested orange and cinnamon—baked for an hour and a half. Delizioso!

Cheesecake made with soft goat cheese


The 2004 bottle of Château Clerc Milon from Baronne Philippine de Rothschild in Bordeaux is a suave, seductive beauty to share with this meal. it includes sage, blackberry, brick, smoke and leather aromas and has an almost Barolo like stature. Includes succulent and mature tastes of blackberries, plums and orange segments with a hint of mint and lime on the finish.

Red Bordeaux wine and cheesecake—love it!


  1. I purchase one cookbook from each new country visited. Although recipes are available online, books are more physically satisfying to peruse. By using them while cooking, you can also avoid clogging computer keys with flour and oil stuck to your fingers.

2. Fresh goat cheese substitutes for ricotta cheese in cheesecake.

3. Cannoli is a classic Sicilian dessert that also includes ricotta cheese—but to make it, you need to purchase molds. Hence it was not included this week.

Open air market in the city of Catania Sicily

Thanks for tuning in again!

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  1. Great post! I bet that 2004 Clerc Milon was delicious.

    1. Thanks Ryan! It was…. 🙂 !

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